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Although there are different ways of exploring a city, for example with a guidebook or audio guide, with a friend who already knows Seville or simply by wandering around, we believe there is no better way to explore Seville than with a tour guide. But not just any guide, not an umbrella-waver with 50 people, nor with someone who doesn’t speak your language well, who just wants to take you to tourist spots to earn a commission. specialises in providing an authentic, enlightening and fun experience through guiding companies and individuals who know what this art is really about. Do you want to find the tapas bar where the locals eat and where the menus are only in Spanish? Would you like to see real flamenco? Do you want to visit the main sites but find the hidden secrets as well? Would you like to learn about the culture? If so, please contact us and let us tell you If you prefer to pedal instead of walk, Seville offers plenty of good spots for biking plus few hills which makes for easy riding. We spent a day riding around the city with Carlos Amarillo of Rentabikesevilla offers delivery to your hotel, apartment or just about any street corner. You can rent a bike to explore on your own, or inquire about a bike tour which includes a professional guide. We had no problem making our way through the city center streets to see the major monuments and sites. But some of the best riding can be found along the river and in the parks. After a day on foot in the city renting a bike is a good way to see the outlying sights and some nature. One afternoon could be spent seeing the Parque Maria Luisa and Avenida de la Palmera to see the many buildings of the 1929 Ibero-American Expo. With additional time the Murillo and Buhaira Gardens, the former royal orchard, are pleasant stops. Another afternoon or morning could include the Guadalquivir River, the grounds of the ’92 Expo and Parque Alamillo, a large open park which will soon grow larger with expansion planned in the coming year. Choosing a bicycle as your form of transportation allows you to see more of the city and take in some sights you might miss were you on foot. Our experience with Rentabikesevilla was very good. For now they only rent foldable bicycles, which are smaller but offer some advantages. In two steps the bike collapses down to a manageable size. Each bike comes with a carrying bag so you can transport it with you like a piece of luggage if you need to. The bike can fit easily in your apartment, hotel room or even the city bus if you find yourself far away and are tired of riding. And Carlos has plenty of routes and touring ideas which he is happy to share with you when you pick up the bike. The portability also makes train travel and exploring the cities and towns near Seville by bike a real possibility. A bus tour is a good way to see the sights whether you are in the city for a few days or much longer. We recommend a bus tour during your first days in Seville. You will see the major landmarks, get a rough orientation of city geography plus a good sense of distances. After seeing some of the monuments from afar you can then decide which ones interest you most and are worth a return visit. Some sights are convenient enough that you can get off the bus at one of the stops and hop back on about 30 minutes later. The complete tour takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the ticket is valid for 24 hours so you can also use it on two consecutive days. Prices are affordable, especially if you take advantage of the three stops along the route to take in the sights further from the center. The route circles the historical center of Seville, including Maria Luisa Park and the Cartuja Island. You can choose between two bus types: a modern or more historical vehicle. Both have an open upper deck which is often the most popular seating. The audio-system is good quality and several languages are available Horse carriages are still a common sight in Seville, especially in the historical city center. Many of the wealthy Sevillanos have them in their country house to use for special purposes, such as transport to the Feria de Abril, bullfights, or weddings. Others use them to earn their living: Behind the Cathedral, in the Plaza del Triunfo, you can find many of them waiting in a line, much like a taxi stand. For 30 Euros you can do a 40 min tour to Maria Luisa Park and back. A group of 4 people will fit in the carriage comfortably. Some basic information on the monuments seen during the tour will be given: The drivers have to pass a basic tour guide exam before receiving the authorization to transport tourists. Of course don't expect to hear the speech of a history professor, but expect some local color in your experience that you won’t find anywhere else. All in all our experience was good. A comfortable ride and no hassle about the fare. The fare is fixed so there is no haggling to worry about. In fact, the horse carriage flat rate seems to be better controlled than the fixed fare for a taxi from the airport.
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