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A warm welcome to - the Seville city guide. We offer you accommodation in hotels and apartments in Seville as well as information on activities and Spanish courses. Unlike many other sites, we work in Seville ONLY, because we know this Spanish city very well. We’ve spent many years living, visiting and studying in the city of Seville so we understand from first-hand experience what travelers and language students are looking for. We’ve been in your shoes! You can always count on us to give you an honest and informed opinion about the city, accommodations and and leisure activities. APARTMENTS IN SEVILLE We rent apartments in Seville which are fully furnished, with kitchen, for minimum stays of 3 nights. Detailed descriptions of the apartments always include photos, facilities and walking distances to monuments. The apartment's location is shown on a map of Seville so you can select where you want to stay in the city. You can check availability online for any of our Seville apartments and make a request using our online form. We will contact you within 24 hours or less with a detailed price offer for the apartment you have chosen. HOTELS IN SEVILLE We believe that finding and booking a hotel or hostal in Seville which fits your needs should be a simple process. For that reason we offer a choice of several hotels in Seville in each price range and location on the Seville map. Detailed descriptions of accommodations always include photos, services, location and walking distances to monuments. We’ll also give you our personal opinion and tell you why we selected the particular hotel or hostal in Seville. ACTIVITIES Our activities in Seville section features many ideas on how to spend your time in the city. From guides, tours and excursions, to flamenco, nightlife, sports and Spanish courses, we have the details to help you plan your leisure time in Seville. You’ll also find information about events such as Semana Santa and the Feria de Abril, as well as suggestions for trips outside of Seville. We’ve tried just about everything, and our photo reports on the activities let you see what the experience is really like. OUR PHILOSOPHY ON SERVICE PERSONAL AVAILABILITY Although we process most of our reservations with our customers via the internet, we're also delighted to attend your inquiry by telephone if you prefer. We're a real live business and our reservations department will be very happy to assist your inquiry personally. Our contact telephone, fax and email will always be easy to find on our pages so you can contact us with any questions. After your arrival in Seville we believe we should also be easy for you to find: you are always welcome to visit us in our office. We’re happy to help you with directions to your accommodations on a city map of Seville, give you a recommendation on good restaurants or answer any questions you may have! Our reservations department operates from 10:00 - 18:00 GMT hours, from Monday to Friday. Outside these times, we will always offer a prompt reply to your inquiry no later than 4 hours from the start of business the next day! For email, telephone or fax inquiries we can attend you in English, Spanish, and German. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET We try to present the accommodations, activities and Spanish schools as they are in real life. Most photos we have taken ourselves to show you what the accommodation and experiences will be like when you arrive. TRANSPARENT PRICES On this website the price you see is the price you pay! For hotel rooms we offer an example price on the hotel home page based upon double occupancy in low season, including 7% tax, so with a quick glance you can see the price range of the establishments. Hotel rates by date are listed on each individual hotel page. In any case, we will always send a detailed price offer by email prior to the booking of any accommodation. In this email you will find a bottom line price for the requested product and dates. It is our belief that there should be no hidden charges or fees, and this is why we send you detailed quotations prior to booking, spelling out in black & white the price, conditions and any supplements (or lack of them). ONLINE BOOKING We make use of a secure server with SSL encryption so that you can book online with total peace of mind, knowing your personal information will be kept confidential. For hotels and Spanish courses there is no surcharge for credit card handling and payment. Due to the low margins at apartments we are forced to pass a 3% bank commission to the client in case you choose credit card payment for the apartment's rent (the reservation deposit is always free of commission). You can find the details on the booking procedure on the main page of the Apartments and Hotels departments. CURRENT · Feria in La Puebla del Rio 10 Jun 07 · Corpus Cristi 2007 8 June 07 · El Rocío 2007 27 May 07 · Feria de Abril 24 Apr 07 · Abacería Puerta Carmona 23 Apr 07 · Plaza Nueva Reopens for Christmas 8 Dec 06 · Maestranza theatre 5 Nov 06 · Almaden de la Plata 1 Oct 06 · Ferris wheel 18 Apr 06 · Semana Santa 13 Apr 06 · Semana Santa Practice Run 5 Mar 06 · Cirque du Soleil 12 Jan 06 · Flamenco in Casa Anselma 28 Oct 05 · Betis vs. Liverpool 13 Sep 05 · Flamenco at the Pila del Pato 27 Jul 05 · Around Plaza San Andres 4 Jul 05 · Casa Carmen Arte Flamenco 16 Jun 05 · Betis wins the Cup 13 Jun 05 · Renovations on Salvador church 23 May 05 · Cruces de Mayo 22 May 05 · Feria de Abril 12 Apr 05 · La Madrugá 25 Mar 05 · Martes Santo 22 Mar 05 · Flamenco class 16 Feb 05 · Samba music parade 13 Feb 05 · Golf Pineda Sevilla 10 Feb 05 · Tablao Flamenco 8 Feb 05 · Prince Felipe and Leticia 8 Feb 05 · Hiking in Cazalla 5 Feb 05 · Bus Tour Seville 1 Feb 05 · Gibraltar 22 Jan 05 · Baños Arabes Sevilla 17 Jan 05 · Magic Kings 6 Jan 05 · Christmas dinner 16 Dec 04 · Alfalfa animal market 5 Dec 04 · Christmas lights 4 Dec 04 · Lunch with Mercedes 19 Nov 04 · Alicia in London 10 Nov 04 · Flamenco Dresses 28 Oct 04 · Real Betis Balompie 3 Oct 04 · Playa 25 Sep 04 · DJ Thorsten 22 Sep 04 · Germany 18 Sep 04 · USA 17 Aug 04 · Off for vacation 1 Aug 04 · Vela Santa Catalina 17 July 04 · Chuletas con Papas 11 July 04 · Paella for Lunch 4 July 04 · Shopping for Paella 3 July 04 · Corpus Christi 10 June 04 · Barbecue 6 June 04 · Javi's bar 31 May 04 · Laundry 26 May 04 · Cruces de Mayo 21 May 04 · My neighbor Margarita's house 12 May 04 · Toros in Sevilla 8 April 04 · Preparations for Semana Santa 2 April 04 · Capirotes and Nazarenos 30 March 04
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